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Who we are and what we aim at
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"Reaching out to the downcast"

New Lease of Life for Uganda is a Christian organization whose main calling and purpose is to reach out to the downcast.

After being exposed to extreme poverty and devastating war in northern and western Uganda, we, the directors of New Lease of Life for Uganda Organization, decided to start up an orphan and destitute children home, with the intention of giving those innocent children that have been caught in the crossfire and ravaged by war and disease another chance of a meaningful life.

We are convinced that misfortune and poverty leading to lack of education leads to loss of opportunities where individuals would have utilized their God-given abilities for personal improvement and for the good of society in general. There is a lot of wasted talent in Africa, because the talented people are often denied the chance of putting their abilities to full use. Our mission is to care for the orphan's needs, just like their parents, and allow their God-given talents to shine so the world can see and benefit from them.

We bring up children who are orphans and unwanted, who would otherwise be right now scrounging for survival on the hazardous streets of Kampala, there are others who are from broken families, or from homes drastically affected by calamities arising from domestic issues such as polygamy. We take them in with open loving arms, giving them a decent education and a home of love. The idea is to provide them access to the best institutions available until New Lease of life for Uganda is able to build some of our own institutions. So far we have had tremendous success in caring for and shaping the lives of many talented young people that are now contributing to the betterment of our society. Our wish is that this great work that the Lord has started does not stop here but is carried on everywhere. God bless you for making it possible.