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Dance and Drama
The children often enjoy various forms of entertainment that is performed by various talented members among them.
This was one of the Sunday performances by a cross section of the children.
There is a lot of singing, dancing and general drama that goes on at the orphanage. This helps keep the children entertained and in good spirits. Many of the dramas are educative and help teach life lessons taken from various Bible stories.

Education, culture and entertainment
Much can be learned through the African traditions such as traditional dance, poems, folk song and drama. The children are encouraged to learn, participate and practice these traditions that are beneficial and educative to them. They also help them better understand and adjust to the society in which they find themselves.

More on Recreation

An effort has been made in providing the best recreation financially possible right now, such as the little park view in the back ground here for the smaller children, much more remains to be done especially with indoor games for the children that are less talented in the field sports. Games such as Chess and Ping-Pong would be of great benefit to the children.

More on Games
We have a few outdoor games such as Soccer with a sizable pitch, Volleyball and Badminton. Other than that, games such as lone Tennis, Ping-Pong, Baseball, Cricket, Football etc. These games would help the children to find where their talents can best shine. We also do not have a fitness gym which would be of great benefit to these children. We know we cannot have all we dream of having right now. But anything that pushes us in this direction is greatly appreciated in our continued effort to give a loving, caring, God-fearing family to many of these orphans. God bless you.