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All the children that are school-aged attend school. We have several children in primary school, secondary school and others in university and other institutions of learning.
The children in primary and O'level - secondary attend day school at the St. Mary's High School Migade, while those in A'level attend boarding school at Makerere High School which is one of the best secondary schools available in this particular region of this district.

We are very proud to see that our children perform well and we do not have any cases of academic failures, thanks to the hard work of the teachers, care givers and administrators; but above all to our donors that make all this possible, without them all these children would remain in dire stress and many would be raped, abused and some already dead by now.

There are future plans to build a primary school right within the village, due to the large number of primary school-aged children that are already currently cared for at the village. This move should save the village a substantial amount of money that is currently paid as tuition to the primary school currently attended. The schools constructed at the village will be more affordable but will also assure the best quality of education possible.

Thank you very much, to you our donors that make all this possible and keep our village family happy and smiling.