How was Bulamu established
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The establishment of Bulamu Children's Village

My name is Joseph Lubega. I live in Kampala, Uganda. I was born in 1969. I trained as a primary school teacher and later as a journalist. I have worked in several primary schools and also for two 2 FM radio stations in Kampala. I felt convinced in my heart to start helping orphaned children and I started with one child in 1998 until presently with more than 300 children under my care. In the course of this work, I was advised to set up a NGO and the result was the New Lease of Life for Uganda organization, registration number S5914/7060. Bulamu Children's Village is the pilot project of this NGO. The idea of the children's village is to set up a place where all the facilities necessary for the successful upbringing of a child are set up in a single neighborhood. Such facilities include dwelling houses, a school, a clinic, a church, a clean-water source, and a sports fields etc..

Because of the abnormally large number of abandoned orphaned children in Uganda, I tried to intervene to help in the lives of a few children starting with one until I had more than 20 young ones all looking to me for their schooling, feeding, shelter, medical care and all the other necessities in the lives of young people.

We were all surviving on my single salary ($120 per month) from my then place of work, which normally would have been barely enough to cover the needs of one man. Times came when I nearly despaired, but I always got encouragement from the hope that someday help would come, to enable me to continue with this work, since I had discovered with full conviction that it was my calling in life. My prayers were answered when a team from the Netherlands came to Uganda in 2005. In the team were two board members of an organization called The Bridge. After seeing the situation in Uganda and getting to know about me and my children, they felt touched to be of help. Together with a few other partners they helped us to build a children's village where we are now able to help 300 children with shelter and school.