Impact of Your Support

What we do and what we can do with your help.
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Provide orphaned children with an opportunity to belong in a safe community (Bulamu Village).

• Providing modern well-constructed houses to enable them to live in a clean and safe environment where they are accepted, loved and supported.

• Ensuring that they get quality education.

• Empowering them through programs that nourish them emotionally, academically, socially and spiritually.

• Equipping them with skills in an environment where they are encouraged to realize their Godly calling and their responsibilities as citizens.

• Helping them develop their talents and connecting them to fit in the open world.

• Providing them with security in a closed and well-guarded compound.

• Providing them with quality health care by stocking our clinic with ample essential drugs and taking them for medical attention to qualified medical personnel in good hospitals.

• Giving them proper feeding by providing wholesome and well-prepared meals and maintaining a clean and safe environment.