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Sharing those special and memorable moments at Bulamu Village, all memories pop up here. It all happens in the video archive.

The videos here were made from Bulamu and were uploaded by people who visited bulamu. All of them are not current. If you want to see current videos visit us on YouTube or go to the media page and view some of them.

A video from a place we were in before we moved to Bulamu Village (Made 4 years ago)
Dennis Mugerwa, Lucy, and Nicholas Kasibante Performing 2 songs...(Made 1 year ago)
"What does it take to change the world." Starring Maria Vargo and the Bulamu Children. Song written and performed by Maria Vargo featuring Phil Cordaro. (Made 1 year ago)
Jamming together with the precious children we met at Bulamu Children's Village in Uganda. They were taught this song and they learnt it in no time! (Made 1 year ago)
Some boys from Bulamu give movie making a try guess what! They made their very best. (Made 2 years ago)
Three children from Bulamu Children's Village made a movie about their own home. The boys are orphans... (Made 2 years ago)