Village Life

The life at Bulamu Children's Village.
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Dance and Drama

The children often enjoy various forms of entertainment that is performed by various talented members among them.
This was one of the Sunday performances by a cross section of the children.
There is a lot of singing, dancing and general drama that goes on at the orphanage. This helps keep the children entertained and in good spirits. Many of the dramas are educative and help teach life lessons taken from various Bible stories.

Personal Care
The children are taught to have their dignity and self esteem in spite of all they may have endured thus far in their respective lives.
This is one of the children preparing his evening wear after schooling. They are encouraged to be smart and take good care of themselves both physically, emotionally and spiritually. We believe this is key in raising them with the proper skills that parents ordinary would impart.
Body Nourishment
Meal times are always interesting as you may imagine for children that are not used to having enough food and often starving in their respective broken homes or destitute habitats. We do our best to provide adequate food and teach them biblical lessons that God promises to always bless us with our daily bread, just the way he sent manna from heaven. it is possible to always have enough to eat. You can see they are still not used to using normal size plates.

Table Manners
Table manners we must admit are probably one of the most challenging habits to adjust in many of these young children. The idea of sitting down and calmly enjoying one's meal is so far removed from their reality of deprivation that the natural instinct of competitive eating where there is little to go round is usually at the forefront of their minds; but as you can see progress is being made. We still do not have the proper furnishings for a dining area but that is part of our future developments.

Personal Hygiene

Good personal hygiene is a must.
These are some of the younger primary school going children that are washing their school uniforms. we realize that we do not have the proper facilities to offer the best environment so as to have the best personal hygiene. All the house work and laundry are done by hand, there are no washing machines or vacuum cleaners so we do our best with the hands we have.

We do not have enough equipment either such as basins, so the children have to learn to share the little resources available amongst themselves. Well as there are hygiene dangers in sharing equipment such as basins which often promote skin diseases, we do not have any alternatives here for now. These are some of the things we hope to improve with the help of those with the heart to give and care enough to make a difference in the lives of these less fortunate children of God.