Ways to support Us

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You can compose an e-mail and send it to as many friends as you can, asking them to help in any way that they can, financially or with much needed items, especially clothing and footwear.

You can download one of our videos on YouTube and forward them to friends and family or share them in various media outlets such as YouTube and Facebook to help us with getting as many people as possible aware of what is going on and who can help. We greatly appreciate anyone that helps in any way, even just forwarding one video to a friend is more help than we can ask for from a stranger. Thank you very much. And may the Almighty Creator richly bless you.

Join an event
We believe every human being is endowed with a particular talent that can make them stand out among the many, and we've spotted that such talents can be a source of help. Our request is that, from your talent, you can join any competition for the sake of our charity and we kindly ask that you donate back to this charity as one way of fundraising.

Donation Box Table.
Lastly you can help us by setting up a donation table at your job, local store or local church, rotary club or anywhere that you can reach some caring people. All we ask is that you inform us preferably via e-mail of the activities you will be carrying out on our behalf. Thank you very much and may the good Lord bless you abundantly.