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We are convinced that misfortune and poverty leading to lack of education, leads to loss of opportunities where individuals would have utilized their God given abilities for personal improvement and for the good of the society in general. There is a lot of wasted talent in Africa, because the talented people are often denied the chance of putting their abilities to full use. An example is a skilled soccer player who is hungry or sick or has nowhere to sleep. He will lay aside the soccer and look for medication, food or shelter. But if there is someone to cater for the side of the food, medication and shelter, the soccer skill will come out in full, for the glory of God.

We support vulnerable children, helping to change their lives for the better. These vulnerable children have shelter, medication and educational needs. This can be helped by donations from the people who care and we can rely on the charitable donations of generous supporters to help us reach as many children as possible. Please help us continue our vital work and donate to Bulamu Children's Village today.

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